JPreplied to: RE: How to add a sub-burst sequence

Hi Kyle,

Thanks so much for the explanation and the example shell. That's exactly what I needed. Now I am just trying to make some variations t...


JPcreated the topic: How to add a sub-burst sequence

Is it possible to add a sub-burst sequence when creating a new effect? I am trying to build a 9 count silver palm that ends in 20 white crosettes. I h...


JPreplied to: RE: Dreams of Tomorrow

You're right, Kyle. I joined back in 06 when it was called vpyro and there were shows being designed almost daily. Also how I came across ShowSim ...


JPcreated the topic: Dreams of Tomorrow

Hello fellow ShowSim users!

I used to share some of my work before on another forum, unfortunately it closed last year, so I am sharing this new sh...


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