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Dongle Replacement - SS-KEY

The Pro and 3D versions of ShowSim have the option of using a dongle instead of a login for license verification.  Dongles have the advantage of allowing you to install the software on as many computers as you like and then simply move the dongle to the computer you need to use, whereas the login method locks you to one specific computer.  The down side to using a dongle is that it can become lost, broken or stolen and must then be replaced.  In order to avoid high shipping costs for international shipments as well as shipping delays that could delay a big project, some customers choose to purchase an additional backup dongle at the time of initial purchase.  This way it only takes an email or phone call to avert a crisis and there are no additional shipping costs.  Of course one can also order a replacement dongle at any time in the event of a lost, broken or stolen dongle. 


Note that each license of showsim is assigned to a single dongle.  Replacment dongles can not be used as a means to aquire additional licenses, they are only for replacing dongles already assigned to a license.   When a replacement dongle is ordered, the original dongle that it is replacing will be disabled and can no longer be used to run ShowSim.

When ordering a replacement dongle, the serial number of the dongle that is being replaced must be known.  If you don't have the serial number you can email with your company name and we will look it up for you.  The dongle which is being replaced will be disabled once the replacement has  been received.

NOTE: Care must be taken when moving a laptop while the dongle is installed, as bumping a dongle while it is plugged in is the number one cause of broken dongles.

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