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ShowSim 3D License - 403DA

The 3D version of ShowSim is designed for companies that require the highest quality simulation presentations when bidding on shows.  The ability to construct the display site using 3D models allows layouts of complex firing positions that can be viewed from any angle.  This is ideal for shows built around stadiums, theme parks, curved bay fronts, bridges, indoor theaters and anything that is not a simple viewpoint off in the distance. 


While all versions of ShowSim utilize the 3D particle system with the ability to move the viewpoint closer or farther away from the shoot site, the 3D version allows you to rotate the viewpoint around any object of interest, giving you the ability to view the show from any angle.  The ability to animate the viewpoint during the simulation further enhances the 3D effect by creating fly-through perspectives or slowly circling around the show in progress to produce a video similar to what a helicopter might see when filming the show from the air.  This camera animation feature can also be used to zoom in for close-ups of ground level effects such as wheels or set pieces that normally would be too small to see at the viewing distance required for aerial shells.   


The 3D version also allows a birds-eye view of the shoot site when setting up firing positions, which makes placement of non-linear position markers much easier.  The placements of lighting effects to illuminate the site models is also possible, including the ability to use colored spotlights.  Some customers have used these features to model entire harbors and cityscapes, using images from Google Earth as a floor map for accurate placement and ground detail.  With a large number of 3D models for famous structure available at Google's 3D Warehouse, a designer can often model his entire venue without ever having to create any 3D models himself.

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