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26 Oct 2014 01:32 PM
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A new documentation section has been added to this website where updated information about all showsim features is currently being published.  The user manual and built-in help files have become outdated in recent years, and since it is not practical to publish new manuals or refresh help files installed locally on users computers,  all the documentation for showsim is going to be located in the Documentation section of this website going forward.  Having the content at one single location online makes it easier to keep everything up to date, and also has some advantages over written documentation such as the ability to click on the images to make them larger.  There are currently 84 articles planed to cover all the essential material, then ongoing tutorials and techniques will be added as time goes on.   Currently one to three new articles are being posted each day until all 84 are published.  Most of these articles contain new information that is not in the user manuals, so be sure to check them out.