3D Model Isn't Visible
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24 Mar 2014 01:43 PM
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Version: 3D

Q: When I load my .x model into the Model Library or Scene Editor, it seems to load but does not appear.

A: Sometimes the scale of a model will be so large or so small when it loads that you will not be able to see it. Usually the models are too small and you must use the size scaler to make them biger. Check the Size checkbox and then left-drag the mouse in the display area so that the size numbers are increasing, then look for the model to appear. Use the vertical ruler as a reference height to make the model the correct size.

Sometimes a model may import as very large and you will have to scale it in the opposite direction before it can be visible. Usually the full viewing area will be blocked out by some internal part of the model when this happens. The size values will need to be scaled to something less than one to shrink the model.