3D Model Disappears from Show
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24 Mar 2014 01:45 PM
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Version: 3D

Q: When I place a 3D model in the scene, it is there at first but when I close the setup window it disappears.

A: What is actually happening is that you are looking at the model in the Model Library, which doesn't actually place the model in your show. The Model Library allows you to store the settings for commonly used models such as trees and buildings so that you don't have to scale them to the proper size each time you place them in a show. You can load a model, turn on the vertical ruler and then scale the model to the appropriate height, and also adjust its position so that it sits level on the ground.

The Scene Editor is where you actually place models in your show. Once you save a model in the Model Library, it can then be loaded into a scene using the Scene Editor. The Scene Editor window looks similar to the Model Library, except there are additional controls that let you specify the model you are adding to your scene. You can either select the model from the Model Library, or directly from a file on disk.