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10 Oct 2014 10:42 AM
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The biggest new feature in this release is the addition of unlimited undo and redo functionality to both the script editor and the inventory editor.  It is now possible to back out a sequence of changes to get your show or inventory data back to a previous state.

======================= Version ==============================

x    Script Editor: unlimited undo/redo feature added
x    Script Editor: extended angles on x2 and x3 button to go all the way up to 80 degrees
x    Script Editor: export button enabled for Lite and Backyard edition
x    Script Editor: make view changes get saved automatically for color and column settings

x    Inventory Editor: unlimited undo/redo feature added
x    Inventory Editor: ability to drag-drop onto more than one selected effect at a time
x    Inventory Editor: make view changes get saved automatically for color and column settings

x    Video: add particle throttle override
x    Export: PyroDigit XML format .psl files
x    Cake Editor: ability to preserve timing when switching firing pattern
x    Effect Downloader: particle library updater added

x    Modified Test buttons in effect editors so that the effects are tested from the red selected firing positions if one or more is selected
x    Database Repair Utility: added detection and repair of invalid cake shot IDs

Bug Fixes:
x    Simulator: comets slowly fading in when first fired
x    Simulator: smoke tails not completely centered around stars (defect only visible at close range)

x    Script Editor: grid data not refreshing properly after changes in some circumstances
x    Script Editor: refresh prefire time moves burst time instead of moving launch time
x    Script Editor: refresh from inventory is replacing the NA effect on chain markers with the cake representing the chain, which doubles the number of shots when simulated

x    Timeline: cues with NA effects dropped in cue drop mode do not select correctly in timeline until show is reloaded
x    Timeline: Blank cues dropped in cue-drop mode do not have size field set

x    Effect Browser: clear search is not clearing palm and chry check boxes
x    Effect Browser: test button has to be clicked twice when in still image mode

x    Reports: setup reports always print mortar header table even when printing selected page ranges
x    Reports: product by size was sub-grouping by manufacturer
x    Reports: added warning message when there are missing position assignments.
x    Reports: Product report by module not correct

x    Import: showsim inventory format, strip off blank spaces from stock number and also fix floating point numbers to work with comma decimal notations
x    Import: FireOne Inventory  & ScriptMaker files- strip blank spaces of the end of product numbers, which were causing match-up problems
x    Import: Inventory import problems with floating point numbers like prefire time on systems that use commas for decimal points.

x    Cake Editor: displayed delay times in grid not refreshing when cake first loads or after a time recording session
x    Cake Editor: saving name with double apostophies when single apostropie is used in the name

x    Effect Downloader: added automatic refresh of cake shot references to keep library re-downloading from breaking cakes
x  Effect Downloader: bug where cakes in shows would stop working after a library was downloaded
x    Effect Library: mines in cake shot library were firing off to the right of the firing position by a slight amount (caused by using " few gold sparks" as the rising effect, which has a spin component set)
x    Fixed bug in Backyard Edition that prevented it from running without an internet connection
x    Cue cache does not reload fully if the type_id field is null in the database

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20 Oct 2014 04:11 AM
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good Morning
I have the 3D ShowSim , with version and can not upgrade it to version .
how can I update it ?
Kyle KepleyUser is Offline
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20 Oct 2014 09:06 AM
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It requires a full reinstall to move from version to any of the versions that came after it. There were some major changes including a change to the updating utility itself which require a full reinstall rather than the normal update from within the program. If you send me an email at I can send you the download link for the installer along with instructions.

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