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04 Nov 2014 02:39 PM
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This update is short on changes because it needed to be released quickly.  The previous update introduced a bug in the export formats of Cobra and Galaxis which has been fixed in this version.

NOTE: If you had problems getting the update to download previously, you will need to complete the procedure described below before proceeding with this update. On 64-bit operating systems there was a problem where the software updater would just freeze on the screen with no progress bar movement and the update had to be manually downloaded.  The fix for this problem requires downloading a new version of the "showsim updater.exe" file using the link below.  Even if you did not have problems with the updater in the past it is still recommended that you replace this file with the new one.

Download Link for "showsim updater.exe"

The installation folder where this file must be copied to is usually found at “Program Files (x86)/Passfire Labs/ShowSim_(version type)" for 64 bit operating systems, or “Program Files/Passfire Labs/ShowSim_(version type)" for 32 bit operating systems.  You should replace the existing file with the new one for this update.

x Script Editor: faster response time when clicking on cues
x Startup: added handler for read-only database error casued by read-only permission settings on the database folder
x Export: Pyrosure export bug with sequence numbers on multiple cues that fire at the same time
x Export: Cobra export bug intoduced in previous release
x Export: galaxis export bug introduced in previous release
x Simulator: keyboard commands for changing viewpoint were disabled since they did not work right (might add back in later)
x Updater: app sometimes does  not close itself prior to doing the download, or the updater just locks up and never downloads the file
x Effect Browser: clicking edit when no effects are in the list causes error
x Main Window: "Lite" appearing in the title bar when running Backyard edition

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17 Feb 2016 07:57 PM
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Thanks for your such nice post to teach us more.
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