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04 Dec 2014 08:50 AM
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A new library has been added to the server downloads which is a design aid for making new cakes.  This is a cake template library where each cake can be edited and cloned, making it useful as a starting point when creating new cakes.  For example, if you needed to make a 9 shot cake where a three effect sequence is repeated three times, you could go to the cake template library and find the item called "Single Shells: 9s, ABC x 3" and click the Edit button, then change the name, replace the effects with the ones your cake has and then click the Clone button and save it to your own custom library.  Many of the most common consumer cake patterns can be found here.

Each cake uses a naming convention that indicates how the shots are fired.  Individual effects are indicated using a letter, so ABC would indicate three different effects fired with a delay between each one.  When parenthisis are placed around the letters, it indicates that there is no delay between the shots, so (ABC) would indicate three shots fire simultaneously.  A sequence that repeats will indicate the number of repeats using the multiplication symbol, thus ABC x 4 would indicate a three shot sequence that repeats four times.  Square brackets are placed around more complex sequences of effects to indicate they are a group that will be repeated, with the number of repeats placed outside the group.  So for example [Ax5 + Bx5 + Cx5] x 3 would indicate five shots of effect A followed by five shots of effect B and then five shots of effect C, with that whole sequence repeating three times.  A \|/ symbol at the end of the cake name indicates that the shots are fanned at an angle, whereas | means they all fire straight up.  Each cake is organized by its general type, such as Fan, Fan with Z Pattern, Single Shells, Shell Clusters etc.  This is a lot of information to try and pack into the name of a cake, but you can get a pretty good idea what the cake does just from looking at the name once you understand the notation used.



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