How to Import Show Data into PyroDigital Controller
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24 May 2016 08:05 AM
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There are two ways to transfer show data into the PyroDigital controller.  The most common way is so use the serial port on the PD controller.  Since computers no longer have serial ports, the first thing you need is a USB to serial converter cable in order to connect to the PD.  Then in ShowSim, select the show you want to export in Show Manager and click the Export button.  In the format list, choose “PyroDigital Serial Transfer” and then click the Transfer button.  On the next window that appears, you must select the COM port for the USB to serial cable.  When you click the Transfer button, the data will be sent to the PD.

The second method is less common and involves feeding the data into the audio port of the PD in FSK format similar to how old models used to work.  When you select “PyroDigital Audio Transfer”  from the export list, you must first specify a .wav file that the audio data will be saved as.  This .WAV file can then be converted to any other  sound file format you want, such as MP3, and then played using a portable audio device like a CD player or MP3 player which has its audio output    connected to the audio input on the PD controller.  The only time companies ever use this is when they need to distribute show data to display operators who do not have software for loading data into the PD the normal way using the COM port.

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