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02 Jul 2017 02:51 AM
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I'm a new user of showsim, and I need some help for a few questions. Thanks in advance

Question 1:
-I have a show with 4 diferent moments, for that i have to use 3 diferents timecodes and a manual shot.
In the preparation and connection to the sequencers the show has to be connected all before.
That way I have to draw 4 different shows, but how can I automatically assign a number of lines to the "second show" knowing that the lines in the first show are already occupied in the sequencer?

Question 2:
- when you want to have multiple positions for the same sequencer (positions with a small distance but in the simulation have to leave different positions), how do you number the different positions in the sequencer?

Question 3:
- How do you use 3D models in current showsim? The sketchup 2017 is no longer supported by showsim.

Question 4:
-the tool to help to make sequences (Front Wizard) and positions isn't well described in the manual.
Does anyone use this tool? I have done everything by hand (angles, positions, sequences)
Does anyone know of a tutorial to use this tool?

Question 5
- the videos I make are getting very bad quality and a huge size file, what are the settings you use? (Unfortunately I've never worked with AVI until today, this because it is a format that is more than outdated in my opinion).

Question 6
- existe some way to save small sequences for users in future?
For exemple 9 coments with angles (-60, -45, -30, -15, 0, 15, 30, 45, 60)

Sorry my English, if you don't understand something tell me.

Thank you so much!
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