Winda Cake Library Released
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08 Jul 2014 03:49 PM
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A new ShowSim effect library has been released containing the current product line for Winda, including both 500g and 200g cakes. The library can be downloaded from within ShowSim by selecting Download Effects from the Import/Export menu button on the lower toolbar. It is advised that you first download the cake shot library called "-Cake Shot Library" before downloading the Winda library, this way the several hundred new shots created for the Winda library will be merged into your existing cake shot library. If you just download the Winda library first without refreshing your cake shot library first, then all the new cake shots created for the Winda cakes will wind up being stored in the Winda library itself. The reason you probably don't want this is that it makes it more difficult to re-use those shots when building other cakes yourself, and then if you remove the Winda library it will also remove those shots since they are stored as part of the Winda library. The best practice when downloading a new library is to first refresh the cake shot library, since it contains all the shots used in all the libraries (except for libraries submitted by ShowSim users).

As with the other consumer libraries, the reloadable mortar kits were not included due to lack of video or lack of identification within the video that would allow associating an effect name with the label on the shell. This seems to be a problem with all manufacturers currently, which makes it impossible to include simulations for their mortar kits.