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29 Sep 2014 07:57 AM
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OK, I recently purchased the Backyard edition of ShowSim after playing around with the demo for a while. Loved the demo, designed a few cakes and even started scripting a show that I will be putting on for MoPyro at the end of October. Decided to go ahead and buy the Backyard edition as it seemed to be exactly what I wanted. The minute I installed it is when I started having issues. First, lost all my progress from before with the demo, which hurt. Now I am having trouble logging on with constant errors. When I do log on cakes are missing or not working correctly and I cannot get the video function to render a video without an error every time. I imported my show and cakes from the demo version but neither seem to work well (Show says I am missing effects and I imported my effects and now some of the cakes from the regular library stopped working.)

 The biggest concern to me is the fact that the program does not work unless you are logged on to the internet, something that will be impossible when I am out in the field. Is there any way around this? If not, the program will be useless when I am at the shoot site if I cannot get internet. I understand the idea behind one computer/one license but to not be able to use the program without internet access seems excessive. 

 Like I said, I loved the demo and the fact that you designed a nice program for those of us who only shoot a few shows a year and need only a small program to work with. And the demo filled that role well with only a few small issues. Seems odd that the full version is giving me more headaches than the demo at this point.


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29 Sep 2014 10:20 AM
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The best way to preserve the work you did in the demo would be to copy over the showsim_db.db3 file from the demo installation folder (Documents/MyDocuments/ShowSim_Backyard_Demo) into the licensed installation folder (Documents/MyDocuments/ShowSim_Backyard). That single file is where all your data resides. Although if you already uninstalled the demo (which is not necessary), then this would no longer be an option.

Note that when making your own effects, always place them in a new library so that you can easily import and export only those effects. Placing them in one of the stock libraries will be troublesome to manage and make them prone to getting lost or overwritten.

If you could post the video error or email a screen shot to admin@showsim.com I can take a look at it. Sometimes there is a COM object that doesn't get registered on the installation that can cause this. Note also that only the Microsoft Video1 and Cinepak Codec by Radius codecs will work for rendering videos.

Normally ShowSim does run 30 times without an internet connection, but there was a bug in the Backyard Edition that caused it not to work without an internet connection. This bug has been fixed however and will be included in the next update coming in October. If you needed the fix sooner than that I could also send you a pre-release.