Delete Show ---> To much long
Last Post 06 May 2016 06:19 AM by Kyle Kepley. 1 Replies.
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30 Mar 2016 08:08 AM
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I build a big show, with many cue.

when they are so much show in  "Show Manager" and ShowSim is so slow for many action : i delete some show.

But all the time Showsim export the show before delete. I don't care Showsim Export because all the time when i work i saving (export) my show. I lost some times in my workflow.

May be it's possible to request ? Please change this behavior


so long

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06 May 2016 06:19 AM
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The shows are backed up prior to deleting them in order to prevent someone from accidentally deleting their shows and having no way to get them back. This feature was added after a customer accidentally deleted a large show and it caused big problems for him, so now it is just a safety feature to prevent that from ever happening again. The little bit of time added for making the backups is nothing compared to the time and possible lost business you would incur from accidentally deleting a show without a backup just a day or two before the shoot date.
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