About Us
Passfire Labs is a software publishing company that specializes in the area of pyrotechnics with over 10 years of experience in fireworks construction, shooting and scripting software design.  Our commercial ShowSim product is the industry leader in visualization software for scripting real fireworks shows, used by hundreds of the largest display companies the world over.  Our customers include well known display companies such as Zambelli, Pyrotechnico, Santore & Sons, Howard & Sons, Bartolotta, Brezac, Foti, Lacroix-Ruggieri and also several major theme parks such as Disney, Sea World and Universal Studios.  We also publish technical information related to real firework construction and have served as consultants for manufacturing operations. 
President of Passfire Labs and the sole developer of ShowSim, Kyle Kepley, has won Grand Master at the Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild competition four times and also won Grand Master at the Pyrotechnics Guild International competition.  Our experience isn't limited to just software engineering.  We literally know fireworks inside and out, which is why our virtual fireworks are the most realistic looking simulations ever produced by a computer.
Contact Information
Company: Passfire Labs, Inc.
Address: 14406 Middlefield Ln.
City: Odessa
State: FL
Zip: 33556
Country: USA
Phone: 813-792-7405


Technical Support:

Technical support is provided via telephone,  email or the website forum.  Since most problems involve written instructions, file transfers or image examples, e-mail is the preferred method of contact and will also result in the fastest response time, even on nights and weekends.  In the event that a problem does not lend itself to the above means of communication, a remote computer session is also an option.

support phone: 1-813-792-7405 (Eastern US Time Zone) *

support email: 

* note that the Backyard Edition of ShowSim does not include phone support.  Support is email-only for this product.

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