Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Cobra module to position

The way it works in ShowSim is you wait until your entire show is scripted, then you use the Number utility on the Script Editor to assign all the mod...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Rack Count

Yes, on the Import/Export menu on the bottom button bar there is an option called Mortar Rack Inventory that lets you specify how many tubes each rack...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Music

ShowSim and all other scripting programs I've ever seen only read in a single audio file for scripting to. The standard practice is to use separate s...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Cake Times

The items in a locked library can not be edited, so there is no way to expand the runtime on a locked cake. Items can change from one lot to another ...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Import Effects

Your sim file contained 22 cakes and then a collection of shots used to make each cake. Because all but one of the shots already exist in the stock l...


Kyle Kepleycreated the topic: How to Import Show Data into PyroDigital Controller

There are two ways to transfer show data into the PyroDigital controller.  The most common way is so use the serial port on the PD controller.&nb...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Lights, Camera, Action! Firework Show

Nice Job! Your video reminds me of the kind of elaborate shows that people used to make using Roller Coaster Tycoon and then post onto, wit...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Feature Request

The bar graph on the timeline actually does show duration bars for cakes that can be used to see when they end. Click the Graph button on the Time Li...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Delete Show ---> To much long

The shows are backed up prior to deleting them in order to prevent someone from accidentally deleting their shows and having no way to get them back. ...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Scene editor no works

The Scene Editor window might be popping up outside the visible screen area. This can happen if you copy over a database from another computer that w...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Where's Gerb Editor?

Normally the Gerb Editor would appear when you are viewing items in the Gerb category and then click the New button or select one of the items in the ...


Kyle Kepleycreated the topic: Sound Plays Fast in Video Recording

The problem where the music plays too slow or fast in a video recording is caused by a WAV file that does not have the correct sample rate expect...


Kyle Kepleycreated the topic: Version

======================= Version ==============================
Released June 19-22 2015

New Font Designer


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Showsim backyard demo not working

That is strange that the Lite Demo has no connection problem but the Backyard Demo does, since they both connect to the same server in the same way. ...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: How to add a sub-burst sequence

I guess the method of copying the .sim file data from the forum post and saving it in a text file doesn't seem to work for some reason. I would need ...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: How to add a sub-burst sequence

You should be able to just click the Add button in the Burst Sequence list to add a new burst.  If the 2nd burst does not occur simultaneously wi...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Lift Times Duration Times

I haven't implemented that yet. It probably won't be in this next release, but the one after that.


Kyle Kepleycreated the topic: ShowSim Crashing on Windows 8

It was recently discovered that the WIBU key driver was causing random crashes on some Windows 8 systems.  If you are experiencing this problem, ...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Lift Times Duration Times

The other thing I could do is just put an option somewhere that allows you to toggle between using prefire times on cakes. When the option is turned ...


Kyle Kepleyreplied to: RE: Lift Times Duration Times

The commercial cake libraries currently don't use the prefire time setting in the cake editor, they are all set to use the shot prefire times instead....


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