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23 Jun 2015 08:09 AM
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======================= Version ==============================
Released June 19-22 2015

New Font Designer
documentaion at
x Speed up cue generation when Apply button is clicked
x Launch front designer as a floating window that still allows you to work in the other windows without having to close it
x Add preview button that allows viewing a simulation of the front before applying it to the script
x Front editor stays open after applying the font, allowing you to repeatedly place the front in many different places
x Pan angle settings added to the controls, automating calculations for both tilt and pan angles
x Six more patterns added to the sequence list
  x randomize
  x skipping left to right
  x skipping right to left
  x left to right to left
  x right to left to right
  x center to outside to center
  x outside to center to outside
x Randomize option on sequence intervals as a way to simulate the timing inacuracy of delay chains
x Duration parameter added for sequence control, so timing can be specified as either shot intervals or total cumulative duration
x Repeat option added to sequences so that the same pattern can be made to replay many times, with a configurable delay between repeats
x    Option to preserve existing effects on a cue instead of overwriting them
x Option to fuse effects that fire at the same time from the same position onto a singel cue instead of breaking each shot out onto a single cue
x Different groups of cues can be selected and operated on while the front designer window remains open
x Grouping option added so that fronts can be duplicated on each position in parallel as an alternative to distributing the shots across all positions
 EXAMPLE:  3 shot fan with 3 positions--    Non Grouped:  \      |       /      Grouped:   \|/      \|/      \|/
x Delay between grouped sequences can also be specified
x Double clicking on positions in the list will add them to the applied position list
x Position list also allows assigning different effects to each position, and displays the effect names
x Effects can be assigned to each position in the list by drag-dropping from the effect browser or inventory
x Position list is automatically filled after opening the front designer when a group of cues are already selected
x Reverse button added to position list for quickly reversing the order
x Same position can be listed more than once for firing different effects on the same position


New Timeline Features:
x Added cut, copy, paste and delete buttons
x Ability to drag-select groups of cues on the graph
x Stretch feature for expanding/compressing the fire times of a group of cues between two time points, keeping relative distances proportional
 Procedure: select group of cues, click button, line follows cursor on timeline then when user clicks on timeline, that becomes the end time point. Cue times are recalculated and then refreshed
x Button that takes a group of selected cues and arranges them into equally spaced intervals between a start and stop time
 Procedure: select cues then click button-- spaces are equalized
x Button to reverse the position order on group of selected cues
 Procedure: select cues, click button
x Button to reverse the angle order on group of selected cues
 Procedure: select cues, click button

Other stuff
x Pattern Editor: added copy, paste, undo, mirror and rotate operations
x convert all INSERT particle data into insert shells ( need to update stock effect library to get this)
x removed effect duration calculation from show load process for faster show load times
x Export: Merlock
x Export: Pyromate NightHawk and SmartHawk direct upload over COM port
x Export: SkyDirector
x Ability to drag-select cues in the timeline window using a shaded box like how the nav window zooming works
x Added label report into backyard edition
x Enabled many of the export formats in the Lite version
x Memory access was increased from 2 GB to the maximum 4GB possible for 32 bit apps
x Cake Editor: sequence setting changed to apply to all shots instead of selected shots
x comet prefire = fire delay threshold moved from .4 to 1 sec


Bugs Fixed:
x time format error when downloading effect libraries in Backyard Edition
x Export: showsim show formats not including slat numbers
x Import: showsim show formats not reading in slat numbers
x Reports: setup lists are missing effects on shows that use slat numbers
x Catalyst output: start cue numbering from 1 instead of 0
x changing size can create negative fire time if close to beginning of show
x changing prefire time near beginning of show can cause a negative fire time
x can manually enter a negative fire time
x Cue can be dragged beyond start of show and result in a negative fire time
x Effect Browser: export button was exporting more than what was in the effect list
x some scripting buttons not starting a new undo sequence, which will cause undo to undo more than just the last operation
x scripting buttons on browser and inventory don't work when script editor is not open
x timeline global nav doesn't always update when cues are added or removed
x position editor uses 00n for some auto generated names and 0n for others
x timeline: red selection lines not clearing sometimes when unselected
x dongle-free 3D version generates incorrect license error message when running offline. (was database issue in 3d install files)
x Script Editor: selecting the stock# column for comet items with a prefire time will move the burst marker forward (only happens on comets)
x outdated wibu key driver causing crashes on windows 8 (WkSetup.exe was updated in the installers)
x Importing inventory causes problems if ' character is in the stock number field
x Cake firing angles not correct when the positions are rotated
x date-time error in Backyard Edition that only occurs when showsim is online and Windows is using German language setting
x adding cue too close to beginning of show adds cue that can't be deleted until reopening the show



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