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04 Jun 2014 02:23 PM
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The release was only sent to a limited number of users, since some of the changes were large and not enough testing had been done on it.   Thus this release is primarily a bug fix release that cleans up the things found by users, with a few new features or changes added as well.  If you are using version or earlier, you will need to reinstall showsim to get this latest release.  To request a download link, email with your company name and version type (pro, 3d etc.).


x    Reports: option for one label per chain on label reports (instead of one for every shell on the chain)
x    Show Import: fixed showdirector .scx file import to handle mixed case firing positions, zero quantity or zero caliber data
x    Show Import: ShowDirector .SCX import- when quantity is more than one, put each shell on a seperate bucket instead of all on the same bucket
x    Inventory Browser: when using StarFire, the field "Custom 4" should populate "Disable Type" field in .star file

x    Inventory Import: changed Generic CSV format so that all user needs to do is make sure column headers match the header names shown in the Inventory Browser.  Column order or missing columns, missing data or blank lines will not cause errors.
x    Effect Library Import: if a cake used shots that already exist in another library, the library id was getting changed on the existing library to the new library.  This has been modified so effect stays in its original library.

x    Video: disable power savers and screen shutdowns during recording session
x    Script Editor: fixed highlight mode during playback so that each cue is only highlighted when the first shot fires or first effect bursts (not on every bucket or cake shot like before)
x    Script Editor: double clicking on left margin next to a cue will move the show time to that cues time
x    Script Editor: changed playback highlight mode so that the bar moves down the screen rather than always staying in the same spot
x    Script Editor: test button changed to View button and is used to show simulation image of the effects on the selected cue.  The new play from selected cue button does what the test button used to do
x    Script editor: synch script to timeline when timeline region changes

x    Renumber cues: ability to reverse the order returned on firing angle sorts

x    DB Repair: added fix for invalid element_id values in sim_element_name table  
x    Timeline: added new button that plays from selected cue
x    Timeline: added new button that moves show time to selected cue time
x    Timeline: when left dragging on nav to select a zoom region, cancel operation if mouse moves off the nav panel

x    Video: added units to time value boxes
x    Added power saver blocker code to main program loop to try and fix crash problem that happens on some computers.
x    General: units set in Program Settings should be the default when setting up a new show

x    Script Editor: Contents column not using inventory description when available
x    Script Editor: Refresh from inventory not working right (price not updating, related fields not updating)
x    Script Editor: error when adding a bucket to a cue using the Add button
x    Script Editor: changing stock numbers causes angle values to change
x    Script Editor:  clicking cue onto timeline when cue edior is hidden will not show the new cue when the cue editor is re-opened until it is refreshed
x    Script Editor: fixed "highlight on burst" mode so that it works correctly
x    Script Editor: deleting more than one cue at a time will shift the script away from its current view
x     Script Editor: drag-drop chain from inventory not replacing when replace is turned on
x    Script Editor: prefire time for chains drag-dropped from invnetory is not using the prefire specified in the inventory
x    Script Editor: using stock drop-down to select a chain does not properly add the chain
x    Script Editor:  cue number of -1 assigned to new cues sometimes when there are no available cues (defaulted this to 1 now)

x     Front Wizard:  building a multi-cue front that is supposed to all be on one position will add other positions that are not in the list
x    Time Tweaker: after change is applied, the first cue in the show is selected instead of maintaining current position
x    Renumber cues: unhandled exception when ordering cues by certain combinations

x    Effect Library Import: date comparison not working on some items
x    Effect Library Import: Pattern shells losing pattern links sometimes
x    Effect Library Export: cake items can occassionally be missing shots

x    Timeline: can`t select cues after clicking the right or left arrow buttons  
x    Timeline: if bar is selected and then dragged without letting mouse button up, bar does not follow mouse (but only when script window is active)
x    Timeline: using forward & backward arrow keys will cause show to be out of synch when played
x    Timeline: clicking on nav during playback causes show to get out of synch by about 1 sec
x    Timeline: red selected cue is not always visible when multiple cues are piled onto the same time spot (need to draw selected cue last)
x    Timeline: play, then stop, then play again will cause timeline graph to get out of synch with show and music.
x    Timeline: image mode was not working right

x    Show Manager: cloned show doesn`t always refresh the list to show the new show
x    Scene Editor: deleting all items in list will still allow editing settings, causing an error
x    Video: after resizing the main screen, entering and returning from the video screen can cause the simulation screen to resize to incorrect dimensions, sometimes covering the lower toolbar
x    Reports: overwriting a .csv file does not generate a warning

x    Cake editor: cakes where the shots have been deleted show an empty cell that does not allow reassigning the shot

x    All windows: when display magnification is set to more than 100%, some window elements are pushed out of frame
x    fire panel does not display graphics when viewed on 2nd monitor
x    All Exports: file names were being converted to all lower case.  Case is now preserved
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