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19 Jan 2015 03:40 PM
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Q: Why do my shows take a long time to load?

A: When there are too many shows stored in the database it will start to take a long time to open any given show.  This is becasue all the data for each show must be pulled from an increaingly large cummulative pile of data for all shows.  The smaller that pile of data is, the faster your shows will load.  So keeping the fewest number of shows necessary in the database will insure faster load times.

 You can archive the shows you do not need to use often by exporting them as .sho files, but still easily access them on the hard drive using the ‘Brows Show Files in Folder” option on the Show Manager.  When this box is checked, a box appears below it where you enter the path of a folder you want to browse.  This would usually be your Shows folder in the ShowSim directory where you store all your shows, but it could  point to any file location.  All the .sho files in the folder will then be displayed in the list just as if they were in the database, including the details about each show when you select it in the list.  When you need to work with one of the shows, you just click the Import button and it brings the show back into your database.  By using this method you minimize the data stored in the database, which in turn minimizes the time it takes to load shows and perform operations on the data.  


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